We specialize in buying diamonds offered to retailers by customers wishing to sell their jewellery, by  giving you the opportunity as an extra way to  do business without it  affecting your cash flow and with no financial risk involved.

Just a simple phone call to bh diamonds means that you can make an offer to your customer, receive payment from us on the same day and not have to let your customer walk away with the feeling of disappointed or let down.

It’s just a few simple steps all you need to do is
A: call us with the details of your piece of jewellery and
B:  We will endeavour to make as accurate an offer as we can over the telephone
C:  You can make an offer to your customer

Once we have received the jewellery from you (via a straightforward Special Delivery service), we will assess the piece fully and give you our best price offer, and transfer the funds to you on the same working day.

Please fill out our detailed online form and we will endevour to contact you as soon as possible.

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